Water Heaters: Repair & Replacement

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Water heaters are such non-issues until you experience your first blast of icy cold-water mid-shower. Then they become your top priority. Then thoughts start running through your mind …do I need to replace this or is it a simple repair? What do I do now? Well, in a cold situation like such, you call Plumbing West Seattle and we’ll send a member of our knowledgeable staff out to access the situation.

However, if you’re working with a traditional tank water heater that is up there in age, tail end of its 10 to 12 year life expectancy, it’s best to think ‘replacement’. If your water heater is a newer model and only a few years in age, then most likely it can be repaired to functionality in little time.

If it’s determined that water heater replacement is your best option – you will have many options, and we will help determine which will best fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Rest assured with Plumbing West Seattle you will educated every step of the way.

Common water heater options include:

  • Conventional Water Heaters – these water heaters are the traditional water heaters that are equipped with a water tank, traditional water heaters vary in capacity of water that can be held. The home needs to have gas or electric for the water heater to function correctly and maintain the set water temperature. These water heaters typically have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Conventional water heaters are much more efficient than they were in past years. An energy efficient model can cut your water heating bill upwards of 7%.
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters – Similar to a conventional water heaters, a hybrid water heater uses a tank as well. Alternatively, it uses a tank in a different way – it combines the use of a water tank with the use of a heat pump to pull heat from the air to help with the process of heating water. A hybrid heat pump water heater uses preexisting water and electrical connections. A major perk of a hybrid heater is that it can cut water heating costs upwards of 50%.
  • Solar Water Heaters – Solar water heaters are the ultimate ‘go green’ option – as it is powered by the sun to provide hot water to your residence. There are two types of solar water heaters: active and passive. Passive solar water heaters are less expensive option of the two, however, they tend to be less efficient than the active option. Active solar water heaters are more efficient in their heating efforts because they’re equipped with pumps and controls that regulate the movement of water throughout your home. Active and passive solar water heating systems require a large storage tank as well as a backup tank for those dreary, sun-less days.
  • Tankless Water Heaters – The tankless option has been deemed the most energy efficient of all the options as it only heats water when needed, on demand. When you turn the hot water on at your kitchen sink or for a bath or shower, the tankless water heater provides a continuous flow of hot water immediately. Tankless water heaters are also less bulky and depending on the model you choose can sometimes even be hung on your wall. However, they tend to cost more money upfront as they may require a larger gas line, and extra ventilation. The more upfront pays off because the life span of a tankless water heater is typically 15 to 20 years and can also dramatically reduce your water heating bills by as much as 40%.

If a water heater replacement is not necessary, and your heater is just in need of maintenance or repairs – we can quickly, and effectively assess the situation and recommend appropriate plans of action that will get warm water flowing in your home in as little time as possible.

Common water heater repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of the Heating Element – This is one of the most common reasons why a water heater quits on you. Water heaters that are powered by electric work using two heating elements. It is rare that both heating elements stop working at the same time, the usual scenario is that one will quit working, leaving just one functioning. The result of this is lukewarm water or water that just won’t reach that nice hot shower temperature that you desire. If both fail, it’s extremely obvious temperature wise, as it’s impossible to receive hot water altogether. If it’s determined that one or both of your heating elements need replaced, it’s a quick, common, easy fix.
  • Burner Assembly Repair or Cleaning – Water heaters that are powered by gas, have a pilot light alongside a burner assembly to heat water. The pilot light and burner assembly are visible and exposed making them both vulnerable to buildup of a variety of dust and dirt. This becomes a common problem in situations where the water heater is neglected in the sense that it does not receive recommended maintenance or cleaning. A poorly functioning pilot light and burner assembly can make your gas bill spike and your hot water, lukewarm. If the burner assembly and pilot light are the issue with your water heater – we at Plumbing West Seattle can thoroughly clean and replace any problematic parts, bringing your water heater back up to complete functionality.
  • Leaky Valve Repair – Water heaters that require the use of a storage tank for water are equipped with a safety valve. Otherwise known as a temperature-pressure relief valve. This valve opens when pressure becomes too great in the storage tank. Overtime, normal wear and tear can cause this valve to become leaky. A leaky valve can be damaging to your home, water damage, and your wallet, increased utility costs. To maintain a properly functioning water heater it’s essential that the temperature-pressure relief valve works properly. It’s also a safety hazard to have a leaky valve as well. A quick visit from one of our licensed plumbers and your water heater will be up and running, as good as new in no time.

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