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You’re in the process of constructing your dream home – the framework is done, now it’s rough-in time. You may wonder what exactly the term ‘rough-in’ means? Well in terms of remodeling and new home construction, rough-in is the phase of construction when the framework is completed, it’s the appropriate time for the plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC to be installed. This is done before the walls and ceilings are completed with wallboard, and upon completion of the rough-in, an inspection is done.

During the plumbing rough in, the home will first be assessed – and a detailed blueprint will be constructed as to what is to be where – kitchen, bathrooms, drains, water line, etc. We will collaborate with you, your contractor and other professionals you have called in as well to make sure that we have all the appropriate information to get your entire home plumbed properly.

From this blueprint, the work will begin. The pipes will be laid out throughout the home and holes will be bored appropriately through studs for the plumbing pipes. After the holes are made to house the piping and installation, the connection of all the pipework will take place. As this is the rough-in stage of the home, fixtures and end elements are not connected at this time.

The foundation of the plumbing is addressed during a rough-in; all the pipework, throughout the whole home – most pipework is housed in the walls throughout your home.

Every step of the way we use only the best materials, as you wouldn’t want it any other way. Top notch material and installation will ensure the longevity of your home’s plumbing.

The plumbing rough-in work as well as electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are all completed during the same phase. Upon total completion of the new construction rough-in, an inspection is required. After inspection is completed with satisfaction, the final finish stage begins. This is when your home really comes to life.

During final finish the plumbing all of the fixtures of your choosing will be installed, making your rooms look more like home. In the kitchen our Plumbing West Seattle team will install your sink and faucet, and all the plumbing beneath the sink -it will be connected appropriately to the water line and be functional upon completion. The bathrooms will also follow suit; sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers and all the plumbing will be installed and connected and completed to functionality. Appropriate drains will be addressed. The hot water heater, and sump pump of your choosing will be installed as well.

When all phases of the home construction are complete, before move-in can happen, there is one last inspection. Final inspection. We ensure quality plumbing work, always. We at Plumbing West Seattle follow all codes and regulations and we will have everything up to par for every inspection along the way.

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