Installation of Water Line

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The installation of a new water line will provide you with a clean, fresh water source. This water source is what you will use for all of your laundry, bathing and kitchen needs.

If your pipes are old, or they are showing signs of wear: corroded or rusty – it may be time to consider re-piping or replacement.

Re-piping is when old pipes are replaced. Water lines are typically re-piped with copper, as it will last upwards of 40 to 50 years.

Re-piping is a necessary maintenance as the pipes age: they will begin to wear and show signs of corrosion.

Common signs of that you may have problems with your water line include, but are not limited to:

  • Spike in Water Bill – If you’ve received your water bill and it’s higher than usual or slowly increasing month by month, and your water use habits have not changed, this is indicative of a leak in your plumbing.
  • Color Change – Another red flag of corrosion, or wear of your water line is the color of your water. As water becomes discolored – a color that resembles that of rust, call Plumbing West Seattle at your earliest convenience. As water that becomes discolored due to corrosion quickly becomes a health hazard.
  • Taste – A lot of times before the color of your water changes you’ll notice the fresh water taste disappear, and it will become to taste like it is infused with rust – as it very well could be. The change in taste is also a health hazard as well, as its indicative of water that is not safe for drinking.
  • Decrease in Water Pressure – Another obvious sign is decreased water pressure, as a leak would cause pressure to go down. Depending on the size of the leak, this can vary from slight to dramatic decrease.

If you begin to experience or notice the signs listed above – call Plumbing West Seattle for a free consultation and an estimate today – for the health of you and your loved ones, as drinking and bathing in water that is delivered through corroded pipes is a health hazard.

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