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You’ve got a clogged drain, toilet water won’t go down, or your sink is slow to empty – you attempt some “do it yourself” plumbing …and it doesn’t help.

These situations can quickly escalate into big annoyances – overflowing toilet, water now won’t drain at all from the sink, etc. It’s hard to go about normal life when you must avoid a specific shower, dodge a dysfunctional toilet or your kitchen sink isn’t functional.

We at Plumbing West Seattle can quickly identify the underlying issue causing the mayhem you’re experiencing – grease build-up in the sink, soap and hair build-up in the shower, or a MatchBox car crashed in the toilet.

Sometimes a suspected clog can turn out to be something major, like sewer line damage for instance – that could lead to more problems and money if not addressed properly and promptly.

Luckily, in most situations a difficult build-up, clog, or accumulation of gunk can easily and quickly be taken care of by Plumbing West Seattle.

Common signs of a clogged drain:

  • Toilet Water Won’t Go Down, Water Stands Above Normal Fill Zone
  • Water Pools as You Shower, Shower Is Very Slow to Drain
  • Sink Slow to Drain, Standing Water in The Sink After Use
  • Smell of Rotting Food from Kitchen Sink
  • Gurgling Sounds Coming from The Sink

Most of these are common signs indicative of a clog, or blockage in your plumbing. A safe way that you can try to resolve the issue a bit before we get to you is by plunging. As a homeowner or property manager a quality plunger is a must-have to keep on hand. A toilet is not the only   thing that you can plunge. Plungers work on drains and sinks as well. Swiftly work the plunger up and down a few times and then pull it away to see if the water recedes, as that may have relieved the clog a bit. You can try this multiple times to try to dislodge the blockage enough to get the water to go down. To enhance your plunging efforts do not be tempted to use harsh chemical cleaning agents, as these work against you – they cause your pipes to corrode more quickly. Instead, reach for a liter of dark colored soda, like Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper. Yes, you read that right, use pop instead of harsh cleaners. Pour the pop down the problem drain and proceed to plunge.

When Plumbing West Seattle determines that the root of the issue is indeed a clog, the most common course of action is a term called snaking. A ‘snake’ is a flexible, slender auger that works to dislodge the clog. We are equipped with the knowledge and tools to get your plumbing back to integrity and complete functionality.

A great way to deter clogs from you home is by practicing preventative maintenance – ask us about our affordable maintenance schedules today.

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