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Your bathrooms are probably the most important rooms within your home, I’m not sure that can be argued from any angle as they are extremely ‘necessary’ rooms.

It is imperative that your bathrooms are fully functional and working as they are so important. Most bathrooms have a plethora of plumbing within them, as the purpose of the room revolves around water; flushing, draining and running.

Bathroom malfunctions can quickly escalate, making it important to call Plumbing West Seattle at the first sign of trouble.

Common bathroom services that we provide, include but are not limited to:

  • Faucet Repair + Replacement – If your faucet is broken, malfunctioning or you’re ready for something new altogether, we’ll help determine your best option and get your sink back to pumping out fresh water in little time.
  • Water + Drain LinesPlumbing West Seattle will do what it takes to get your water and drain lines to complete functionality, we can repair, relocate and install the water and drain lines within your bathroom.
  • Toilets – One of the most important features in your bathroom is the toilet. There is a lot that can go wrong or cause issue with your toilets. We will efficiently clear the blockage, remove the buildup or stop the flooding – whatever your issue is, Plumbing West Seattle will fix it for you. If replacement is the best route, we’ll take care of that for you as well.
  • Tubs and Showers – Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? Do you envision a more spa-like, serene area? We can help you achieve your vision as we’re highly skilled in a vast array of bathroom plumbing services. We can install sophisticated water jets, spa-like shower heads, upscale faucet designs as well as advanced steam systems as found in today’s most sought after homes.

Some common signs of a bathroom plumbing issue include:

  • Lingering Sewage Odor
  • Slow Draining Sink, Shower or Tub
  • Decreased or Low Water Pressure
  • Gurgling Toilet
  • Running Water Sound When All Taps Are Turned Off

If you begin to experience any of the signs of looming bathroom issues or are currently experiencing a pressing issue within your bathroom – we offer emergency service, don’t hesitate to call Plumbing West Seattle as we’re always on call for you.

Did you know that the most common bathroom issue is a clog? And, most clogs can be cleared with proper plunging?

If you believe that your toilet drain has a clog, you may try to plunge it to see if that would dislodge the problem. Proper plunging is a swift and powerful motion, up and down, multiple times and then a break, to see if the clog dissipates – you can repeat this process many times to try to dislodge or loosen the clog or blockage. Do not be tempted to try and use harsh chemical agents that promise to ‘clean your drains, or clear that clog’ – these chemical agents can peel the finish of your toilet as well as cause the plumbing elements to corrode more quickly. If you’d like to use something to help with your plunging efforts instead of harsh chemicals, reach to your pantry for a liter of dark colored soda – yes, you read that right, dark colored soda like Diet Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper will help to break up a clog in the drain.

If you’ve plunged and plunged some more with gusto and even tried the dark soda trick – don’t fret or get frustrated, call us and we’ll be there to alleviate the issue.

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